All Around This World and Kids Corner UNITE!

Kids Corner logoMany thanks to Kathy O’Connell of KIDS CORNER, America’s longest-running daily call-in radio show for kids, for welcoming Jay from All Around This World onto the radio! The first of SIX segments introducing kids to Africa, using songs from the two-CD, 32 song, All Around This World: Africa, aired Wednesday, October 21st, on WXPN 88.5 in Philadelphia and many affiliated stations.

If you’re in Philadelphia, have little kids (tiny infants to 4 year-olds) and want to join Jay Kathy O'Connelland the global adventures in music class, check out Jay’s All Around This World classes in West Philadelphia, or join Emily in classes in Fairmount and elsewhere.

If you’re not in Philly, you can still join in the fun! Check out All Around This World CDs or Musical Maps, or learn with Jay all week long through multimedia global lessons for kids through the Explore Everywhere online learning program.