All Around This World–Global Cultures and World Music Kits for Your Classroom

All Around This World Big Kids Pilot Program

TAKE A TOUR OF THE ALL AROUND THIS WORLD: LATIN AMERICA CLASSROOM KIT. The Latin America classroom kit is currently available. The Africa kit and South Asia kits are in the works.


What is All Around This World?
All Around This World is a unique, interactive global music and world cultures program for children 0-9 years old that encourages kids to explore the world by enjoying great global melodies, rhythms and movement. In All Around This World classes, kids and their parents/caregivers/educators sing, dance and explore oh so many countries and cultures, “traveling” around the globe region by region, visiting a new part of the world approximately every three months. [Learn about All Around This World[Learn about All Around This World’s educational philosophy]
What is the AATW Global Music and World Cultures Curriculum?

All Around This World’s Global Music and World Cultures Curriculum provides a practical guide and inspiration for any classroom teacher of 3-9 year-olds to explore countries and cultures worldwide with their curious students. All Around This World uses music as “a way in,” enabling students to connect with people on every inhabited continent through the songs they sing. After building a musical bond students are open to learning more and more about people everywhere.Each “season” of original material consists of twelve weekly lessons that will take students on a tour around a geographic region of the world–Latin America, Africa, South and Central Asia, etc. There will be 12 “seasons” of songs, enabling a school to explore every inhabited continent over at least a three year cycle of material.Teachers using the AATW  curriculum will use the recordings, lesson guides and videos AATW provides to lead their students on a virtual tour of that season’s region. Teachers of “big kids”–5-9 year-olds–will have particular success with the dances, games and other projects the curriculum provides that enables learning about world cultures to enter many curircular subjects.TEACHERS DO NOT REQUIRE SPECIAL MUSICAL ABILITY OR TRAINING. Learn more about the All Around This World Curriculum.

What is special about All Around This World’s music?
All Around This World shares global music with kids in a way that simultaneously engages all, from the tiniest of tiny infants to the wisest and most well-traveled adults. AATW founder and lead teacher Jay Sand developed the music based on years of meticulous musical and cultural research–conducted with the support of global musicians, educators and ethnomusicologists.

Learn more about All Around This World’s music. What does a “classroom kit” include?Each AATW “season” of material starts with a CD that consists of two dozen or more songs that Jay has adapted to introduce your students to a geographic region of the world and includes 12 weeks of lessons through which your students will meet many of the region’s cultures through traditional dances and cultural celebrations. (Your class can enjoy each lesson over the course of a single week or take longer to dig deeper.) The Latin America curriculum is currently available and fully functional. The Africa curriculum is available for purchase and will be ready for classroom use in summer 2015. The South and Central Asia curriculum is set to debut in early 2016.
Learn more about the many materials your classroom will receive.How can I buy the classroom kits?
AATW wants to communicate with you before you purchase the classroom curriculum to find out how the material will best fit your school. Please send a message to Jay either through the website’s contact form or directly via e-mail — jay [at] allaroundthisworld (dot) com. Introduce yourself and your school in a couple sentences and Jay will be in touch.

Classroom kit pricing

Each “classroom kit” will costs $125 for full access to the materials plus $2.50 for each individual CD download or $5 per physical copy of the CD (plus shipping), so you can provide a CD for each of the students in your class so to take home the “textbook.” (For reference, the AATW classroom CDs sell at retail for $9 per download, $14 for a physical copy.) The 12 lessons will provide at least three months of classroom instruction, though schools have also used them all year long. The cost to reuse the same curriculum in a future school year — for example, if you use the Latin America kit this year in your 2nd grade classroom, then use it again in the same class next year — is $100, plus the CD downloads.
Contact AATW for details.

Any questions? Many questions? Learn more at the All Around This World Classroom Curriculum Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact AATW for more details.