NEW: Interactive lesson plans for your familiy, homeschool or classroom

All Around This World Amagunjju lesson -- Interactive lesson plans for kids for a family, homeschool or classroomAnother launch in a week packed with ’em. I’m really excited to announce a brand new All Around This World section of the website that makes over 60 inventive All Around This World interactive lesson plans for kids available to your family, homeschool or classroom. Want to learn to sing a song you heard on one of the All Around This World CDs? Did you see a dance on the new YouTube channel that you’d like to share with your family or school?

Each of these lesson plans for kids arrives as a clickable multimedia PDF and includes the password for a teacher training video to suggest how to teach it to infants to 9 year-olds.

Sing-along lessons include:

— an embedded mp3 of the song from an All Around This World CD
— a “bouncing ball” sing-along video so you can learn the song
— lyrics. Most songs have some words both in English and the original language
— musical notation

Celebrations, dances or project lessons include:

— step-by-step teaching procedures
— assessment and discussion suggestions
— common core and standards information

Learn about All Around This World’s lessons here.

Want an example? Teach your kids a Ugandan royal dance called the Amagunjju.

Students in my new weekly online classes get a free lesson to accompany the class each week.