Lesson 12: Bulgaria

This week “All Around This World” ventures to Bulgaria, a southeastern European country that sits along the western beaches of the Black Sea. Bulgaria, once a dominant power in Eastern Europe, is now much less assuming; instead of trying to rule the rest of its neighbors, today’s Bulgarians focus on enjoying political and social freedoms, and, economically, on keeping themselves afloat.

— OVERVIEW: Three great independent Bulgarian empires have come and gone. Are we witnessing the dawn of the fourth?

— MUSIC: Bulgaria’s unique vocal music is mesmerizing.

— LANGUAGE: Bulgarian is a Slavic language that’s a much closer cousin to Macedonian than any other.

— WHEN YOU GO THERE: Bulgarian beaches are a favorite destination for European travelers, but you’ll find a thousand years of history away from the sand.

— A BULGARIAN WEDDING: Five hundred years of traditions make a Bulgarian wedding a treat.

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