Let’s Take a Tuvan Tour

Tuva is a sparsely populated country located in the geographic center of Asia that is a land of wide open spaces — forests, mountains and the great vast STEPPE (generally analogous to the American plains).. There is no passenger railroad in Tuva and roads are sometimes blocked because of winter weather. Tuvans in rural areas may rely on horses for transportation; horses and their importance to humans figure prominently in Tuvan songs and epic stories.

In traditional Tuvan culture, making music is more than just a frolic; it’s a way to connect with nature. Tuvans simulate the sounds of the wide open plains with THROAT SINGING (“overtone singing”), a form of vocalizing in which a singer can make multiple tones at once, high and low.

In our lesson we introduce Tuvan throat singing to our tiny kids, then hop on imaginary horses and travel out onto the Tuvan plains.

In the meantime let Tuvan throat singing masters, Huun Huur Tu, show you how it’s done.


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