All Around This World’s interactive world music for kids introduces families to almost 300 songs that originate from more than 100 countries, each of which All Around This World founder and lead teacher Jay Sand rearranged so parents and kids can easily can sing along.

All Around This World Global "Everywhere Map" -- World Music for Kids
The core curriculum consists of 12 distinct regional “seasons” of material — a three year cycle of musical exlploraiton.

Meet All Around This World’s music:
Latin America | Africa | South and Central Asia | The Caribbean | Eastern Europe and the Baltics | East and Southeast Asia | West Asia and the Middle East | Oceania and the Pacific Islands | Western Europe and the Nordic Countries | The U.S. and Canada

All Around This World’s studio CDs are engaging, exciting and not just for kids. Jay has recorded these CDs with thought and great care, working only with the most knowledgeable producers and the most accomplished musicians who create music in the genres the songs are exploring. Jay’s adaptations and translations assure that you and your family will be able to learn each of the songs and sing them again and again and again, with or without your kids. Listen here:

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