The U.S. and Canada

All Around This World’s American songs for kids introduce your family to many cultures through interactive fun . . .

The All Around This World: The U.S. and Canada season includes songs that celebrate the phenomenal musical creativity and inspirational diversity of people from all parts of the region. 

All Around This World US and Canada "Everywhere Map" -- Canadian and U.S./American songs for kids

In class we draw a musical line from Canadian Acadia to Cajuns down on the bayou. We sing Spanish songs that owe much to polka, Appalachian songs that owe much to the Scots. We salsa and disco and hip hop for fun, we’ll follow a freight train and dance with The Dead.

Meet All Around This World’s Canadian and U.S./American songs for kids:
Bajo Sexto y Accordion | The Bear Missed the Train | Careless Love (Chamorro-style) | Can’t Help Falling in Love | Diggy Diggy Lo | Down By the Riverside | Freight Train | Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad | Hymn to Spring | Ivory Carving | J’ai PasséLa Murga | Mudhead Kachina | Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’ | Oklahoma | Only Love Can Break Your Heart | Rapper’s Delight | Rock the Boat | So Long, It’s Been Good to Know Yuh | So What | Something’s Got a Hold on Me | Sourwood Mountain | Stop in the Name of Love | Thompson River Dance | V’la L’bon Vent | Wahine Ui | Where’s My Pajamas? | Wi Na De Ya Ho

Because we’re planning to record more music for the All Around This World U.S. and Canada CD project than will fit onto one disc, we plan to divide our musical exploration of the U.S. and Canada into two volumes–Volume 1: “Back Yard’ and “Volume 2: “Big Show.” The “Back Yard” CD will present Canadian and American songs for kids from traditions that are meant to be personal–written for a crowd that would be more likely to gather in a back yard for a party or on the front porch, just ‘cuz, than for mass popular consumption. “Big Show” will introduce us to American and Canadian music that is meant to be BIG–electric electrifying, and downright danceable.

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