Country: Japan
Language: Okinawan

This song accompanies a bon odori dance from Okinawa. Depending on which part of the internet you ask, “Ashibinaa” either means “let’s play” or refers to “a place of amity where people of all ages gather and exchange.”

[wpspoiler name=”The Ashibinaa dance” open=”true” style=”aatw-video”][/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”Original lyrics” style=”aatw-other” open=”true”]

Mou ashibi nu yuru ya (it’s the night to play in the fields)
Isoosha chimu Don Don (let’s have fun, my heart is pounding like drums)
ashibinaa ni nna yuti kuu (everyone comes to the asobiniwa)
teeku sansin katamiti kuu (the taiko drums are being brought out)

Di- wattaa shimauta sanshin dikirachi (come on, strike up our island song)
Moorana Tunugana (let’s dance, let’s jump!)


[wpspoiler name=”Lyrics of All Around This World version” style=”aatw-other” open=”true”]At night we come in from the fields
Our hearts are beating loud as drums
Everybody’s going to the ashibinaa now
We will dance and drum until the morning comes
Di wattaa shimauta
sanshin dikirachi
moorana tunugana
Let’s jump!
Di wattaa!! Can’t hear ya!
Di wattaa!! Much louder!
Di wattaa!! That’s better!![/wpspoiler]

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