Tren Gelir


In class we sing “Tren Gelir” about a Turkish train coming, bringing all our friends. Of course kids love a train, but they must truly wonder at the many viable transportation options they have when they visit Turkey — airplanes, trams, motorbikes, bicycles, boats and ferries, car rentals, even seaplanes. Rail travel, though not traditionally the most accessible way to traverse this large country, continues to improve with each mile of new high-speed service. The nation’s superstar form of transport, though, has long been the bus. For short trips, take a dolmus (which means “stuffed,”) a packed minibus you share with anyone going your way. For longer trips, even overnight, ride a long haul coach. It’s comfy! There will be sandwiches, bottled water and, on overnight trips, an attendant who may come along and spray a puff of perfume.

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