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WHAT YOU TEACH YOUR KIDS ABOUT THE WORLD MATTERS.  Join Jay each week in his only-of-its-kind online class for kids. Teach your littlest kids to embrace the world’s extraordinary diversity; start now to raise them to be open-minded, open-hearted adults.

** THIS WEEK IN CLASS: Our musical and cultural journey to Africa takes us to Ethiopia.**

All Around This World Online Class for Kids


Bring Jay’s unique and engaging global music and cultures experience into your family, homeschool “classroom,” playgroup, preschool or kindergarten/elementary school with Jay’s unprecedented and, he hopes, inspiring online class for kids. Each week Jay invites you to join him in several unique sing-along songs from the extensive All Around This World curriculum and also introduces you to songs, dances and celebrations that originates in a country from that season’s region of the world.Boldly teach your children to open their minds to the world!
African Lullaby -- Let's Sing Tulo Tulo -- All Around This World

This online class for kids connects best with little kiddos, from infants-in-arms to six year-olds, in a homeschool or classroom setting, as they sing-along and dance-along with their grown-ups.  Jay designed these classes to be friendly and personable, without crazy dancing characters or exhausting “buy me now!” cartoons…more like a relative singing directly with your kids over skype.


Here are the basics.

A weekly exploration of the world through music, dance and FUN! Jay posts each new class Sunday night/Monday morning but the video is available for your singing, dancing and learning pleasure at any time throughout the week. Beyond the classes students can access extensive background information about the songs we sing and the cultures we explore, including exclusive “how-to” videos, suggestions for hands-on craft projects and many inspiring and interactive ideas for ways to bring musical and cultural learning into your family or school all season long. Each “season” (approximately three months of classes) we journey musically to a region of the world (like Latin America or Africa) and each week we “visit” a different country in that region (like Chile or Uruguay).
Curious? Take a peek at this sample class:

All Around This World Online Class: The Weekly "Start Here" (sample)2) WHAT YOU GET EACH WEEK

Each week students get a “Start Here” guide to give an overview of that week’s adventure. Here’s an example.


For a household/family: There are two levels — the “stripped-down,” and the “fully-loaded.”

Stripped down: $2 per class. This gets you a password for the weekly class video so we can sing and dance together, though none of the other goodies like videos and interactive lessons. Still, good times for all.

Fully-loaded: This is where the fun is: a measly $3 per class, This includes much more than just a password — the weekly class is just a jumping off point for a week of exuberant exploration! You’ll get full access to interactive lessons, teacher and parent “how-to” videos, participatory projects and, as the student list develops, a community of world-wise, like-minded families. Compare this to other grown-up/child classes you enjoy with your kids.!

Each week you get the weekly class guide and an extra special interactive PDF to enjoy in your living room. Here’s an example.

For a preschool/daycare/elementary school: $5/week. $3/each for multiple classrooms (and bulk deals are possible). Compare this to any other interactive musical experiences you share with your students.  

Each week you get the weekly class guide (some the links in this sample, like the cueca videos, are for subscribers only) and an extra special interactive PDF to enjoy in your classroom. Here’s an example.

You will pay for class by choosing a reward level on the All Around This World page on Patreon. Scholarships are available! If you want to take this online class for kids but can’t afford it, contact Jay. We’ll work something out.

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