NEW: If you AGREE with my mission . . .

This is announcement 4 of the promised 4 launch announcements this week. Support teaching tolerance to kids!

Today I’m announcing one last piece of what I can only hope will become a sustainable puzzle, working with the new online classes and the new interactive lessons and even the new YouTube channel to do good work while inspiring families that agree with my mission to support it . . . a presence on the artist-support site PATREON.

Here’s a video of me explaining how Patreon works. Patrons can support artists with as little as $1.
PatreonSupport All Around This World on Patreon -- Teaching tolerance to kids is a crowdfunding website that allows individuals to become “patrons” of independent artists by providing us with a small amount of recurring financial support — as little as $1 a month. Unlike Kickstarter and Indiegogo which rev up for one big all-out push, Patreon supporters get down in the trenches with the artist, providing the unsexy yet essential gift of sustainable financing — the kind that enables artists to literally pay our rent.

Like many artists on Patreon I will ask for support from patrons not per month but “per creation,” meaning that every time I make a video, create a lesson, or develop some other worthwhile project teaching tolerance to kids, not only will you be able to receive the project for free, but I will receive your support. That will give me the means to get to work on the next video, and so on. Patrons can set a monthly top limit for support and unsubscribe any time.

— My $1 per creation patrons will receive perks aplenty including access to pre-release mp3s, behind-the-scenes videos and just-for-you lessons.

— For $2 per creation patrons will receive access to the password-protected teacher training video for each  weekly online class I’m teaching so they can know how to teach the topic at hand to their kids.

— My $3 per creation patrons will get access to the weekly online class.

— At $5 per creation patrons get the weekly online class and also also that week’s special interactive lesson plan.

For a mission-driven teacher like myself any level of reliable funding would make all the difference in the world.