All Around This World is getting rave reviews

What are parents, teachers, musicians, publications and institutions saying about All Around This World? 

“Jay’s [livecast] classes were always very exciting. Jay was super kind and open towards the children. He always answered all our questions, which made the programme more friendly and the children could feel the closeness and could join in more easily. The songs were really fun, especially the silly ones. 🙂 We loved singing Hungarian songs to Jay at the beginning of the live classes. It was such a nice feeling to see Jay’s reactions to us singing for him. The children learnt a lot of great melodies that we kept on humming and singing in our heads for days after. Thank you so much for having us in this great adventure.” — Bernadett, Eszterlánc Montessori School, Budapest, Hungary 

“Jay Sand gave us a wonderful concert in our family center in Berlin Germany in 2019. It was such a joyfull afternoon for families and children in a less privileged neighborhood where we work. Especially the kids, who are living in an accomodation for refugees loved Jay’s powerful songs. All the families and children were so enthusiastic singing, moving, claping hands with Jay. We were singing songs in many different languages….All the families and children were so touched this afternoon. And we were touched too.” — Dorothee Fischer, Projektkoordinatorin FamilienZentrum, Berlin

From parents who have joined their children in All Around This World classes:

— “For over the past 6 years it has become my priority to find the best classes for my daughter. I search high and low for Philly’s best classes, teachers, and workshops. My standards are extraordinarily high, and I take great pride in knowing that I have made the best selections for my child. . . All Around This World class is by far superior to ANY other class we have taken (musical or otherwise)! … All Around the World is Best of the Best!

— “WOW! This is the best thing I have ever done for my son. He loves this class. Not only have we explored new music we sing in many different languages . . . Great bonding time with my son, a must do for your children”

— “My 2 1/2 year old daughter . . . LOVES [All Around This World]. It’s a great mix of exposing her to new musical styles and rhythms, while also including enough familiarity (in routine of the class, instruments and “props” they play with, etc.) to keep her comfortable and not over-stimulated. She plays, learns, sings, drums, and talks about it all week until the next class. I highly recommend it!”

— “A Saturday tradition for our daughter. Worth every penny and more!”

— “We’re starting our third year and we love it as much as the first time!”

— “Our daughter loves to sing the songs at home all the time and the cd that you get is a big favorite in our house.”

— “This is our favorite thing to do with our daughter.”

— “The cd’s from the class are very important to our family- on long car rides they are pretty much the only thing my son will listen to.”

— “[My daughter] and I are absolutely loving your classes! The songs are great. The games and activities are fun. I appreciate the “adult” conversations about the countries!”

— “Thank you so much! We have all of your CDs, and they are have been, for the past six months, the only music in our car! Our toddlers love all of the songs, with La Luna being an absolute favorite!”

— and comment on the “Ooo bop bop bop” introduction to AATW’s hello song: “Jackie can barely talk – he can say mama, dada, and abpuhl? (apple). . . [T]he moment we got into the car he smiled and said Ooo bop bop and has said it about one hundred million times since.  He walked over to the guitar on the stand today, strummed it and said Ooo bopbop.  !  So sweet.  That is one powerful song!”

Parents commenting after an All Around This World birthday party:

— “Thanks again for an amazing time at Dylan’s birthday!  I loved seeing the kids (including Dylan) so into the music and the drums and scarves! . . . Thanks again.  I am so happy we did this.”

 — “H&M were so happy, and it sounds like all of the kids and other parents had an amazing time. To quote one 4-year-old boy about singing with you, “That was the best birthday party ever!!!”


From the Philadelphia Museum of Art Education Department, after All Around This World teachers spent an evening teaching at their annual family fund raiser:

All Around this World was a fabulous addition to our event. Their repertoire is high energy, unique, and varied—the kids were enthralled and their parents were delighted.”


From Rachel Josloff, teacher at the Philadelphia Montessori Charter School, whose classroom is enjoying All Around This World’s “big kids” curriculum:

“The children in my class have been so lucky to experience the “All Around This World” music program. Using music as a thread to teach about cultures around the world, this program is a fun and meaningful way for children to learn about history, geography, and cultural tradition. Students sing, dance, play, create, act, take part in customary rituals, and are immersed in the symbolism and tradition of other people around the world. Not only do they get to have these experiences in the classroom, but there are many supplemental materials included with the program, such as CDs, parent communication, and written information to extend this learning beyond the school setting. All Around This World is a brilliant way to help children connect to the world around them, highlighting the beauty of difference among cultures as well as finding the themes that bind us all together.”


From Karen Werme, Owner/Director, Book Worms Early Learning Center:

Book Worms has been having music classes with AATW for almost a year now.  Our students are 12 months through 4 years and each week they are thoroughly engrossed in the class.  I am immensely impressed with the teachers ability to keep the children engaged and participating.  The students sing the songs from the program daily and even the teachers enjoy the class and find themselves singing the songs throughout the week.  I couldn’t ask for a better music program for my early learning center.


Viewers comment on the webcast of AATW founder Jay Sand’s 2013 “24 hour music class marathon”:

— Jay is well over halfway through his 24 hour live-streaming world music classes for kids (of all ages)! tune in anytime tonight– a invaluable resource for any sleepless babes. go, jay, go!

— We are watching Jay Sand do his 24 hour music class! The kids are enthralled!

— Jay, I think my son is in love with you, after we tuned in 3 times to watch and participate in your amazing 24 hours of music.

—  Trust me, you want [All Around This World’s] fun, welcoming exploration of music from all over the world at your school, daycare, hoedown, whatever. Check it out!

Philadelphia Magazine Says All, Around This World is the “Best of Philly”