All Around This World in Fairfax Virginia

The girls and I played the final show of our “Sands Across America” summer tour 2016 today as the headlining act of the massive “First Annual Back to School Fest” at historic Suter farm in Fairfax, Virigina.  The kids and I set up under a massive tree at the bottom of an incline, powered by an extension cord run by historic Cory Suter from his sheep barn, and played our hearts out for an enthusiastic crowd of back-to-schoolers.

Though we’re looking very much forward to reuniting with the rest of our family at historic cousin Dan’s wedding later this evening in Annapolis, we felt a thrilling sense of accomplishment at having conquered the country. And did we not also conquer ourselves? Conquer any fears we may have harbored of the unknown? And what about the known? That’s pretty scary too. And we conquered the heck out of it.




What can we do next year to rekindle this freedom, resume such bliss? Stay tuned.