What you hear is not a test, I’m rapping to the beat

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This week in our online class we  hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop and we don’t stop. Yeah, it’s hip hop time.

Much history of hip hop has been written since the first B-Boy upped his first uprock, and while almost each has its own claim as to who was the first, who was the best and who made the old sound new, most agree on a few pivotal figures without which hip hop would never have formed. For example, after paying due homage to West African Griots, who use music to accompany their epic tales, and drawing direct ancestral lines from them to late ’60s and early ’70s revolutionary African-American poets like The Last Poets and Gil Scot-Heron, every history of the music worth its salt describes Jamaican-born, Bronx-based DJ Kool Herc as “the godfather of hip hop.”

Over the next week we’re going to visit some of our old school hip hop ancestors. We may even try to top rock, down rock, or just plain rock some dance moves ourselves.