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Search for “China” and you’ll get results that include over seven million photos. That’s actually not very many considering the fact that there are over a billion photogenic people in China, but more than enough to inspire a few minutes (or months) of exploration. You probably don’t need to look at all seven million pictures to get a superficial idea of what goes on in China–a couple million will do. Though, seriously, you could spend eons looking through pictures of China — narrow your focus a bit and you’ll find images of rural China, urban China, Chinese history, Communist China, Chinese horses, Chinese happiness, Chinese dinners, Chinese checkers…– but how many images do you have to see to truly understand the tenor life there, or, for that matter, anywhere? A million? Seven million? A billion and one?

Another recommended place to look for photographs of China is, which hosts thousands of photoblogs from around the world. On the China page you’ll find bloggers who post images every day, or close to it, from all over the nation. Of special note are:

Xiaoyu’s blog, which presents a multi-layered look at daily life in and around China’s Sichuan province

Ghorse, who posts glorious images of his travels to China’s rural areas and

TO GRA, whose black and white images of Chinese nature and urban life are both stylish and striking.

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