(As always, definitely take a look through these slideshows before you show the kids.)’s Indonesia slideshow is an energetic jumble of images that portray the nation as mix of ancient and modern, urban and rural, comfortable with tradition yet eager for the
future. The colors are bold in these photos, the villagers’ smiles bright, the tourist-friendly beaches broad and inviting.

To look at Indonesia more intimately through the lens of Indonesians,’s Indonesia photoblogs offer a satisfying diversity of images from photographers who hail from different parts of the archipelago:

Ajoeh, who blogs from Mataram, a small city located on the Eastern coast of Bali, gives us a loving glimpse of traditional fishing and coastal life.

— Based in the clamoring city of Jakarta, both Andre Muliana and Joan Felix present images of a city-dwelling Indonesians making their way in modern Indonesia. (Muliana is more prone to frame his images in Jakarta’s urban architecture, Felix to focus on faces.)

— By contrast, photographers Rumkerry Jerry and Ekaputra Tupamahu
blog from Malang, which, though it’s the second largest city on Java, Indonesia’s most populous island, apparently inspires both to connect directly with nature.

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