(As always, make sure to take a look through these slideshows before sharing them with the kids.)

If you search for “Japan” on Flickr.com you’ll find a slideshow that takes you here, there and everywhere in the island nation…including into the past. Tourists visiting Japan turn the lens not only on its striking natural beauty (Mt Fuji. Cherry blossoms. Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms) and its (well-deserved?) reputation for embracing the odd, but also on the Japanese’s own respectfully crafted presentation of themselves and their own history. If you want to land securely in ultra-modern Japan, search Flickr.com for “Tokyo” and be ready for anything.

There’s no shortage of web sites that host Japanese photographers’ images of Japan. Photopass Japan organizes its slideshows by theme, like “Japanese people,” and by city, like Nikko, where you’ll find picturesque Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Skim these slideshows and you’ll get a satisfying, albeit surface sense of these themes and places. If you really want delve into the Japanese psyche and society, you could dig for days into the over 100 photoblogs on Aminus3/Japan.
For a starter, try:

Akihiro, whose images resonate with the colors of ancient and modern Kyoto

Fusao, who will take you on an impressionistic tour of Tokyo, and

GJC, whose photography of Japanese temples and their delicate interplay with nature convey a true sense of peace.

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