(Like all recommended slideshows, look through these one once before showing the kids in case something unexpected has found its way in.)

Malaysia’s landscape is not exclusively composed ultra-modern skyscrapers like those found in Kuala Lumpur, but, judging from all the images of the city on’s Malaysia slideshow, Malaysia’s urban center is surely photogenic. There are calmer environs in Malaysias–sleepy seaside villages and down home rural towns–but one can understand why visitors find modern Malaysia so intriguing. Maybe when tourists travel in a country known for its religious devotion they don’t expect such overt flash. In fact, one thing you won’t find in forefront of the slideshow is an overt sense of Malaysia as an Islamic nation. In metaphor the introspective, even labyrinthine nature of devout Islam may color all aspects of Malaysian life, but in literal terms the colors in these Flickr images are as extravagant, extroverted and as secular as they come. (To step out of the city, search Flickr for “Borneo Malaysia.” That will take you off the peninsula and into a world of natural wonders.)

If you want to get a sense of Malaysian life from the inside, visit some of Aminus3’s Malaysian photo blogs. Spend some time with Kuala Lumpur photo blogger Vachen to get a sense of the rhythms of contemporary Malaysian life–some scenes from the street, some exploration of nature, some pictures of cameras, some pictures of dinner. Based in Selangor, photo blogger Wesley often turns his camera on rural scenes and Malaysia’s nature, especially its multicolored flowers, the beauty of which which many other Aminus3 photobloggers also find appealing. Shah Alam-based photographer Nicholas will actually take you out of Malaysia for a tour of Asia. Join him for a striking collection of photos from Thailand, the Philippines and beyond.

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