The Koreas–Images


(Make sure to look through these photo spreads before you share them with the kids.)

Search for “Korea” and for obvious reasons you’ll get more images from the South than the North. South Korea is a country with clear urban prowess but it still has a charming rural side. Its steel and concrete skylines impress, but its natural landscape has
equal appeal. For a quick contrast between the two Koreas, search Flickr twice, for for “Seoul,” then “Pyonyang.” Seoul is an ultra-modern place that brims and bustles, it also is city full of people with a clear sense of style and good humor. Pyonyang is a city of broad plazas and stern Soviet-style statues, seems built for parades, not people. When we see North Koreans they mainly appear en masse, much less as individuals than as citizen-soldiers.

For an idea of what South Korea looks like to those who live there, visit photo blogs like those on the Aminus3 South Korea page. Based in Seoul, Sang Jin portrays the city as personal, playful and very livable. As a balance, Jeju-based photographer Alex Lee’s more abstract images feature the colors, shapes and sensations of South Korean nature.

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