(Make sure to look through these slideshows once before showing the kids, most especially those focusing on the war. If you’re looking through images of the war with your children be prepared to explain…or try.)

Search on for “Vietnam” and you’ll get a mix of both present and past — images of both the rapidly evolving Vietnam of today and pictures of American soldiers from the ’60s and ’70s at home or at war. Searching for “Vietnam -war” will put focus on today’s Vietnam, a country that’s modernizing but is not yet completely modern. You’ll find a simplicity in the images here; everything is intimate, most photos are close-up. Go elsewhere if you crave images of Asia’s urban skylines…the Vietnam slideshow focuses on flora and fauna, on daily life in the city and town and on the friendly faces of the

Speaking of faces of the Vietnamese, photographer Thomas Jeppesen, based in Hanoi, shares his piercing black and white portraits on his photo blog. Not all images here are from Vietnam, but some of the most effective are.

If you’re looking for images of the War, leave Flickr and visit any number of sites that archive photos from the conflict, like an “Vietnam War Pictures” page that organizes images from the National Archives and Records Administration by theme like “Life in the Jungle” or “Helicopters,” or the more personal which shares images from freelance photographer Robert Hodierne. The collected images at’s “The Big Picture,” **which are definitely for grown-ups only, or at least for kids with grown-ups very close by to talk them through the site**, are among the most powerful taken of the War.

For a different take on the War, visit, the site of photographer Doug Niven who spent decades collecting photos of the war taken not by Americans, but by VietCong. (Learn more about Niven’s project.)

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