Please take a look at these slideshows and images before you show the kids. Many people take photos of their friends and families when they travel to Melanesia and post them on Flickr. Many of those friends and families happen to be just wearing bathing suits.
As you can imagine, in Flickr’s slideshow of images from Fiji blue skies abound! Fiji is surely a beautiful place, and visitors understandably use their cameras to record that beauty (and then use the internet to share their photos). You can find images of Fiji’s people in this slideshow too, though the natural environment is so striking, and time on your fishing/diving/snorkeling/tanning vacation is so slim, that there’s no surprise the sunny skies dominate.

If you want to try to see Fiji through more of a Fijian lens (pun intended), take a look at Suva-based Tonka Brodie’s photoblog, View Through Mai Eyes. Brodie points the lens not at Fiji’s marvelous natural landscape, but at the marvelous Fijian people. You should also look at Robert Kay’s, which, while it may or may not be, as it claims, “the most trusted source on Fiji,” certainly has a robust collection of images of the islands. Kay and the photographers who contribute to his site may not all be Fijians, but they do take a loving and tempered approach to the islands. Here you will find everything from old postcard images of Fiji, which romanticized the islands for Westerners, to contemporary images of Suva, which are generally lovely, but not romantic at all. You can see Robert Kay’s 1980s “Lonely Planet era” album or images he’s collected of Fiji’s people and culture. On you can also tour Tavenuni Island and Vanua Levu, and even peek voyeuristically into a Fijian destination wedding.

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