French Polynesia–Images


Please take a look through these slideshows before showing your kids just in case something unexpected has slipped in.

As you can imagine, there is very little to dislike in the slideshows featuring Tahiti, the Marquesas Islands and French Polynesia as a whole. The landscapes, the dancing, the surfing and the underwater explorations all seem as wonderful as you’d expect. Search for “Tahiti people” or “Marquesas villages” and you may catch a glimpse of a few friendly faces beyond the smiling tourist fare. If you want to see more visual nuances of French Polynesia you should go blog-hunting. For example, John-Philippe Yuam is a Tahitian wedding photographer who keeps his camera working well past the throwing of the bouquet. The text of his is in French, but you can still appreciate the honesty of his images. On Yuam’s site the Tahitian sky is not always blue, the women aren’t all wearing either grass skirt or bikinis and nature isn’t always at its best. You can also delve into John-Philippe Yuam’s extensive and impressive photostream on Flickr. Also take a look at World of Phil’s & VTA set focusing on “Tahiti Street Life“–traditional

French Polynesian full body tattoos seem to be the norm. Speaking of French Polynesian photograhpers on Flickr, you’ll be able to find images from islands that are less economically (and in most cases touristically) “developed” than as Tahiti, such Mike Ramounet’s isidore 977 set that includes some images of Raitea and images by Pierre Lesage from Maupiti and a “Kite Arial Photography” set from Fakarava.

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