Please take a look through these slideshows before showing your kids just in case something unexpected has slipped in.
If you want to see photos of Guam, first you should do all the usual things–essentially, search for “Guam,” or seek out Guam-friendly site like and page through their photo gallery.’s “Guam”slideshow is a jumble of images that will take you here, there and everywhere, from high in the air above the Pacific to the Guamanian shore, from Guam’s Americanized urban centers to its sparse rolling hills. The Guam-online photo galleries are less varied, and mainly want to entice you to come to the island because you think it’s pretty. If you browse through their pictures you’ll agree it is. If the Guam-online images leave any doubt,visit Dave Burdick’s, “raising awareness of Guam’s marine biodiversity.” Burdick takes wonderful pictures way deep down, images of fish and reefs and people diving and snorkeling around them that will make you want to go diving on a reef in Guam right now.

After taking this kind of arms-length tour, the time has come to find out about real life in Guam. Point your browser at the photostream of J.R. Manuel, a Guam-based “artographer” who prolifically documents life in his homeland. Manuel’s many sets of vibrant images on vary from focusing on culture to focusing on family, from seeing sporting events to skimboarding to the sun as equally intriguing elements of Guamanian life. To Manuel, Guam is not a tidy, tourist-friendly package. To Manuel, and to most Guamanians who love their island home, Guam is both the land of rainbows and the land of a child’s second birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

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