Please take a look through these slideshows before showing your kids just in case something unexpected has slipped in.

We start our foray into photographic representation of our featured “country” with a foray to Flickr.com, where our search for “Hawaii” will lead us to a lovely slideshow full of vibrant blue skies and mesmerizing sunsets, surfers, scuba divers and sunbathers, exploding volcanoes and the remnants of those that exploded long ago, happy brides and grooms
and happy families (hey, happy family! the camera’s over here! hey, happy family! you’re getting really wet!) and the occasional shot of Hawaiian’s participating in cultural events, primarily taken by tourists while attending performances at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Good stuff.

If you’re less interested in a visitor’s view of Hawaii and would like to know how Hawaiians see themselves and their own land, check out Stephen C.’s “Photolulu,” which is “An island lifestyle photoblog of events, entertainment, food and other interesting things or places around Honolulu.” You’ll find the occasional image of a sunset–hard to avoid natural beauty on Hawaii–but more often, Stephen C. focuses on the enjoyment of everyday Honolulu life. In the same vein, you’ll enjoy some of Flickr’s many non-touristy Hawaiian photo pools, including “Hawaii street photography” and “Hawaii hip hop.”

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