New Zealand–Images


Please look through the below slide shows before sharing them with your kids in case anything unexpected has slipped in.

Put the phrase “New Zealand” into’s search bar and prepare to have your jaw drop. The resulting “New Zealand” slideshow is extraordinary, even considering the context of all the beauty we’ve encountered in our tour of the Pacific. New Zealand has beaches and sparkling blue seas, but the real wonder of New Zealand comes in its interior–its mountains, its forests, its fields. New Zealand’s landscape has an intangible yet undeniable visual and historical depth. The land seems ancient and essentially uncorrupted, but at the same time it’s not fearsome or foreboding. You see the images; you can imagine yourself there. If you’d like to get a more intimate sense of New Zealand’s culture, search for “MÄori New Zealand,” were you’ll find images of traditional MÄÂori dancing, intricate MÄori wood carvings and, at the very least, this guy.

Photographers in New Zealand may well be at an unfair advantage–go to New Zealand and try, just try, to take a bad picture. Even a brief jaunt to the New Zealand page on the photoblogging site will not disappoint. Based in Hamilton, an agricultural center in the middle of New Zealand, photographer Zing populates his photoblog with the South Pacific’s many extraordinary colors–the multicolored sky, multicolored flowers, this awesomely multicolored bird…. The photoblog of Dunedin-based photographer Allan Clark, called BirdsEye, is a heartfelt exploration of life in rural New Zealand. The main designer/developer of, Aaron Schmidt, is based in New Zealand and has his own photoblog that mainly focuses on the people in his life. What better way to learn about the spirit of a place than to meet it through its many smiling faces?

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