Papua New Guinea–Images

Please take a look through the below slideshows before showing the kids. In particular these slideshows contain images of Papua New Guineans, both male and female, whose traditional outfits leave nothing to the imagination from the waist up. Consider this to be full disclosure about this full disclosure.

AATW--PNG seashore horizPeople in Papua New Guinea wearing traditional garb are extraordinarily picturesque, and one can certainly understand why they dominate the Papua New Guinea slideshow. Visitors to PNG often come to the nation specifically to encounter indigenous Papua New Guineans, most conveniently at a traditional “singsing” festival into which we’ll delve below) that features hundreds of tribal singing and dancing groups in judged competitions, each trying to best each other by singing better, dancing better and frankly by being more picturesque than the others. As the slideshow demonstrates (look at these wonderful pictures from Eric Lafforgue’s photostream of the Mount Hagen festival singsing: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5) they certainly put on a show. Focus your search to Papua New Guinea nature” and you’ll be more likely to get an array of images equally picturesque but primarily non-human Papua New Guinean wildlife. (funky bird | beautiful butterfly | sleek starfish | lovely Loggerhead turtle | some big crazy bug)

You’ll get a much different, and much more day-to-day accurate picture of life in Papua New Guinea from Lightening’s Papua New Guinea Photoblog. Here, instead of Papua New Guineans dressed to the hilt in tribal gear, you see Papua New Guineans doing the normal things people tend to do: strolling past the shuttered Saidor post office | drinking from a coconut in Mirap | doing classwork in the Nobnob primary school. “Nothing much to say…,” Lightening announces at the top of the blog’s home page. “This is a beautiful country and I just happen to live here… :)”

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