Sri Lanka–Images

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[wpspoiler name=”Dinesh Subasinghe with Chandrika Siriwardena performing Igilila yana yar” open=”true” style=”aatw-video”][/wpspoiler]’s Sri Lanka slideshow is a hodgepodge of photos — birds, elephants, tigers, Buddhas, politicians, fishermen, villagers, beaches, and the occasional member of the Tamil independence movement. Not that every country must have a prevailing visual “mood,” but if some in fact do…what is Sri Lanka’s? The photo spread provides a little more organization, breaking the images into several categories: scenic beauty, wild life, historical sites, festivals, village life and art, and providing a helpful description to go along with every picture. While Infolanka’s photo gallery doesn’t mention Sri Lanka’s struggles, paging through it does provide an intriguing overview of some important aspects of Sri Lankan life.

As always, look through the images once before showing the kids.

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