[DISCLAIMER: Make sure to look through these slideshows before you show them to the kids, especially any of the slideshows that contain images of the Egyptian revolution.]

You could spend all day–all month, all year–looking through the two million entries in the “Egypt” slideshow, enjoying image after image of pyramids, camels (sometimes both), as well as pro-democracy protests, temple wall drawings of Ptah, Lord of the Sky, and even a series of photos of this guy. Watch the images in this slideshow, and keep watching and watching, and you won’t be able to deny the depth, breadth and complex beauty of Egypt, and of Egyptian society.

If you want to get an idea of what you may see if you spend a month as a tourist Egypt, travel photographically with British animator Tom Brown whose EgyptPhotoblog takes you from his arrival in Cairo (“Day 1: Dust and Laundry“) to his departure a month later. Or, if you want to get an idea of what you may see if you’re born in Egypt, get your B.A. in Greek and Roman Archaeology in Alexandria, earn your doctorate in Philadelphia, become the Secretary General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities and eventually resign in the midst of a scandal, visit the photoblog of Dr. Zani Hawass. (Read the Doctor’s explanation of why he left: “Why Dr. Hawass Regisned.“)

For a more “professional” visual take on Egypt, you can’t beat National Geographic’s series of Egypt travel photos as a way to get up close and personal with the county’s most photogenic sites. For the most gripping and immediate images from Egypt’s 2011
revolution, visit this inspiring, though sometimes a bit graphic (as real life can be), collection on
(For each of these, click on the big photo to go to the next image in the slideshow.)

Forgetting all this tourist, National Geographic and Supreme Council of Antiquities stuff, you may just ultimately be interested in the day to day life of an Egyptian. For a sense of that you might visit the photostream of Cairo-based photographer “Solilos,” whose vivid collections will take you to the heart of life in Cairo (and, if you want, also bring you to center of the Egyptian revolution). For more images of daily life in Egypt, visit the photo pool of the Flickr group called “Egyptian Street Photography.”

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