[Disclaimer: Definitely look through the below slideshows before going through them with the kids. Lebanon has experienced a lot of unrest lately and sometimes difficult-to-explain-to-kids photos slip into even the most placid photo arrays.]

Put the word “Lebanon” into the Flickr.com search bar and you’ll get a mixed bag of images that speak to the mixed reality that is Lebanon. There are photos of picturesque
modern seaside cities
and dry, sandy, Old Testament-era mountains, of pro-democracy
, Palestinian refugees and rural Maronite kids eating ice cream, of ancient ruins, iconic cedars and a Lebanese farmer in the most colorful farming outfit ever.
The Flickr slideshow may not get single unified sense of Lebanon, but you may get multiple ideas of a very multifaceted place. If you want a close-up look through one photographer’s lens, try The Beirut Daily Photo blog by Beirut-based student Abdalla Ali Ahmad who offers a first-person view of contemporary Lebanon, or “street photographer” Melhemrizk’s photo blog “From Beirut,” whose posts from September, 2011 include a baker baking bread, a man selling pomegranates and a series of images from a festival called Hamra Maraya. If you really want a street-level view of Lebanon–or at least tree level–visit Lebnaon-based photographer Michelle Woodward’s PhotoBeirut blog’s special series: THE CATS OF BEIRUT!

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