Take a look through these slideshows before showing your kids. Yemen is on a very rocky road at the moment and there may be some images tucked deep in here somewhere that you would want to explain to your children.]

Looking at the Yemen photo spread on, you may reasonably come to the conclusion that you can’t take a bad picture in Yemen. The sky seems to always be blue (except for when it’s not), the traditional architecture effortless in its beauty and the Yemeni people, especially the children, seem warm, open and willing to let the
lens find them, no matter whose picture appears on their hat. While you’re in the
Yemeni area of Flickr make sure not to miss photos by Yoyolu, who is able to capture the energy of recent protests and other motion in the Yemeni streets, nor the photostream of Lucie Debelkova, who has a particular talent for finding vibrant color in everything.

If you’re looking for a few images of Yemen that are a bit more homegrown try Ali Alyafee’s photoblog on A college student based in Aden, Alyafee is especially adept at taking portraits of Yemeni people, from the young to the older to the older still.

To explore Yemen’s current political upheaval through photos you’d do well to put the words “Yemen opposition” into Google. There you’ll find many images from the nation’s 2011 massive street protests, both against Selah and for him. There is clearly a lot of
in the Yemeni political protests, and, as mentioned above, in a country where everyone and everything seems photogenic, that leads to some pretty great photos.

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