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Wan Boto — why is just one flag flying?

Today we share a sing-along for little kids that continues our week’s adventure in The Guianas. “Wan Boto” is a boatman’s song from Suriname, originally in the language Sranan Tongo or “Taki Taki” a Creole language common in Surinam’s Dutch, Javanese, Hindustani and Chinese ethnic and cultural communities.

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Let’s start our musical week in The Guianas with De Draver Boys. And why not?

Music from the nations of Suriname, Guyana and French Guianas is a mix of African, Amerindian and European influences (with Suriname featuring a healthy dash of Indian/Hindu chutney). This performance by De Draver Boys helps us get into the traditional, non-chutney, Surinamese musical mood.