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Lauren Krug, Phd, is a licensed clinical psychologist who has extensive experience

helping children and adults of all ages thrive through life transitions.



As our lives unfold, we are presented with challenges that require us to come up with new ways of being in this world. Psychological services may be an essential resource in meeting these challenges and developing the understanding and skills to build deeper engagement in our lives and cope more successfully.

Whether you are experiencing struggles with emotions or a major life transition, the guidance and support of a trained professional may be the needed resource to address and resolve your concerns


I am Dr. Lauren Krug, a Pennsylvania-licensed psychologist who 

who has worked and values the abilities ....

As a capable and caring psychologist I provide the following services:

Evaluations of Adults and Children (Psycho-Educational and Diagnostic)

Psycho-educational Testing: A comprehensive psycho-educational assessment examines the interplay between a child's overall intellectual ability, acquired learning, and behavior at home and in the classroom. MORE.

Transitions to Parenthood and Parenthood support

One of the greatest challenges of parenting is taking care of yourself. It is from a place of strength that we are able to observe what is happening and access the wisdom that we possess. The act of talking creates a place of greater distance and acceptance to allow change to take place. MORE.

Counseling for Older adults, their Caregivers, and those facing end-of-life issues

While some approach older age eagerly, anticipating retirement, grandchildren, or simply a new phase of life, others can fear the physical and mental experience of aging. We become more intimately aware that life passes, an concept that can be both freeing and distressing. MORE.

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