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All Around This World’s energizing sing-along, dance-along library program introduces kids to the world through experience, engagement and FUN.


BOOK JAY FOR A FAMILY-FRIENDLY SOLO PERFORMANCE, INTERACTIVE MUSIC CLASS OR PARTICIPATORY CULTURAL WORKSHOP DURING HIS TOUR THIS SUMMER.  Contact Jay for dates. See photos and videos from the “family band” summer tours in 2016, 2017, 2018 and, romping around Europe, 2019.


Jay Sand teaching All Around This World -- Book a library programJay Sand of the award-winning All Around This World global music and cultures program for little kids and their grown-ups is now available for bookings, large and small, and is eager to sing multicultural, multilingual songs with people, large and small, nationwide.

Jay can bring energizing, participatory, family-friendly international music library program through participatory educational shows that any child (or grown-up) can instantly enjoy. As heard on Kids Corner, the Hilltown Family Variety Show and Imagination Parade, beloved by all (or at least these people), Jay is a performer and educator who has traveled the world with his guitar, using music to introduce kids the world by teaching thousands of multicultural music classes, family-friendly concerts a substantial variety of multi-generational cultural workshops.

Jay will happily tailor his presentation to meet your needs, but you can start by asking about any of these very special programs:

All Around This World

SPECIAL FOR LIBRARIES, in tune with the 2020 collaborative summer reading theme, “Imagine Your Story,”  Jay’s “Sing Your Story with All Around This World” program is an interactive global music adventure that will inspire kids and their families to boldly explore the world by singing and dancing along to magnificent multilingual songs. The program takes kids and their families on a global adventure as we “travel” musically from continent to continent, singing songs from many cultures, using music to tell their tales with humor, heart and hope. All Around This World’s classes and concerts for kids average 40 minutes and are great for infants-in-arms to 9 year-olds.
All Around This World in Coupeville, Washington -- Book a library program

At the Coupeville Library, Whidby Island, Washington, summer of 2016



 An entertaining and ingeniously educational concert event — so much fun your kids won’t even know they’re learning! Jay and your kids will sing together, dance together and explore the world together in any concert venue, from the most intimate living room to the largest concert hall. During a typical concert Jay will perform songs from several continents that have lyrics in nearly a dozen languages. Do you want to meet a particular part of the world? Check out All Around This World’s musical regions and ask Jay to focus on your favorite. (each concert averages 40 minutes, great for infants-in-arms to 9 year-olds.)

All Around This World in Kansas City -- Book a library program

Jay teaching homeschooling families in Kansas City, summer of 2016


All Around This World Parent Child Class

Jay will join you, your friends and all your young children in your living room, community center, school or homeschool classroom for a one-of-a-kind participatory music class. Sing, dance and move around the room as you and your children meet the world through music. We can travel musically to any or all continents. Do you want to meet a particular part of the world?  “The music and movement of South Asia?” “The many rhythms of Africa?” or should we focus on one country, culture or experience — “Learn to Dance the Ethiopian Eskista.” “How (and why) to dance a Maori Haka.” “Let’s have a Son Jorocho Fandango…!” Talk with Jay about your interests, ideas and needs. We can go ANYWHERECheck out All Around This World’s musical regions and ask Jay to focus on your favorite. (each class is approximately 40 minutes, up to 15 families per class, classroom space permitting.)

All Around This World in Santa Cruz -- Book a library program

At the Discovery Learning Center, Santa Cruz, California, summer 2016


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