All Around This World’s African songs for kids introduce your family to African cultures through interactive fun . . .

All Around This World is going to Africa! Over the course of this season we sing some stupendous songs and dive deep into dances from all over this unfathomable continent, from Cape Verde to Madagascar, the Gambia to Ethiopia, Algeria to South Africa. We sing in two dozen languages, drum rhythms aplenty and dance crazily enough to put a smile on the Ugandan king. 

All Around This World Africa "Everywhere Map" -- African songs for kids

Meet All Around This World’s African songs for kids:
We Are Happy | A Hiyeni | Arsomo Baba | Atas Atas | Awa Yombei | Bale Ile | Camel! | Carnaval | Cibula | Diarra Loro Lora | Do Do Ki Do | Ha Ha Ha | Ghana Guinea Mali | He Motsoala | Independence Cha Cha | Kavuli Tutu | Keenene | Kikalama | Kipenzi Changu | Nanu Nanu Ney | Nsa We | Opposite People | Sai | Senzenina | Suhuba Ya Dai | Thinantsha | Tulo Tulo | Tsy Akeo | Wai Bamba | Ya Rayah | Yo Yo Kilili

The ALL AROUND THIS WORLD: AFRICA CD is a dynamic double-CD featuring 32 African songs for kids from all over the continent.

(draft) AATW--Africa CD front cover

Buy the CD, liner notes and map insert and cool artwork and all ($18.99)

All Around This World: Africa features 32 African songs for kids from 20 African nations that originated in two dozen languages and that introduce families to the continent through songs recorded in genres like Ethio-Jazz, Highlife, SoukousSierra Leonean Reggae, Afrobeat, Fuji, Nubian wedding music and South African Isicathamiya. Jay Sand, founder and lead teacher of All Around This World, sourced this material from Africa with tremendous care, choosing songs that are not only geographically, linguistically and thematically diverse enough to take families on a broad tour of the continent but that also have substantial cultural and musical depth. He adapted/translated/transformed each song for use in the classroom, then finally did the most important thing for a teacher and family-friendly musician — he sang the songs with kids! Every song on CD was a certified hit in All Around This World classrooms, not just with infant to 9 year-old students but with their parents and teachers too.

The 32 African songs for kids on the All Around This World: Africa album are the product of two years of intense studio work with co-producer, Brooklyn-based world music artist and engineer Amon Drum. Jay and Amom worked meticulously with musicians from ten African nations as well as with accomplished artists from the U.S. and several other countries. They recorded these African songs for kids in studios from New York to L.A. to Philadelphia to Kampala, Uganda (where the session almost killed the guitar player…twice. But that’s another story.)

Listen to each of the two CDs in full: 

All Around This World: Africa (West, Central and South) cribsscrosses this most musical of all continents, inviting you on a journey from Cape Verde to Madagascar, with countries like Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, the Congo and South Africa in between. There will be Cape Verdean morna. There will be Nigerian fuji. There will be Congolese soukous, South African township jive and Malagasy selegy. And, of course, what would a CD of including West African music possibly be without Afrobeat? [BUY DIGITAL DOWNLOAD — $9]

All Around This World: Africa (North and East) is a musical adventure taking you and your kids from Ethiopia to Egypt, Tanzania to Algeria, Uganda to Madagascar and beyond. Featuring songs in musical genres like Zanzibar’s intriguing African/Arabic/Persian taraab, cascading Kenyan benga, melodic Ugandan kadongo kamu and energetic Ethio-Jazz. [BUY DIGITAL DOWNLOAD — $9]

Click on the title of each song on this map (which accompanies the physical release of the CD) to listen, see the lyrics and learn more about it:

Arsomo Baba (Morocco) -- All Around This World: Africa Atas Atas (Algeria) -- All Around This World: Africa Ya Rayah (Algeria) -- All Around This World: Africa Yo Yo Kilili (Egypt) -- All Around This World: Africa Nanu Nanu Ney (Ethiopia) -- All Around This World: Africa Kavuli Tutu (Kenya) -- All Around This World: Africa Keenene (Uganda) -- All Around This World: Africa Nsa We (Uganda) -- All Around This World: Africa Kipenzi Changu (Kenya) -- All Around This World: Africa Tulo Tulo (Uganda) -- All Around This World: Africa Cibula (Tanzania) -- All Around This Word: Africa Tsy Akeo (Madagascar) -- All Around This World: Africa A Hiyeni (Mozambique) -- All Around This World: Africa Ha Ha Ha (Zimbabwe) -- All Around This World: Africa Thinantsha (South Africa) -- All Around This World: Africa Senzenina (South Africa) -- All Around This World: Africa Wai Bamba (Zimbabwe) -- All Around This World: Africa Sai (Democratic Republic of the Congo) -- All Around This World: Africa Do Do Ki Do (Cameroon) -- All Around This World: Africa Bale Ile (Nigeria) -- All Around This World: Africa Ghana Guinea Mali (Ghana) -- All Around This World: Africa Diarra Loro Lora (Burkina Faso) -- All Around This World: Africa Opposite People (Nigeria) -- All Around This World: Africa Kikalama (Guinea) -- All Around This World: Africa Awa Yombei (The Gambia) -- All Around This World: Africa Carnaval (Cape Verde) -- All Around This World: Africa All Around This World: Africa All Around This Word: Africa (Musical Map) All Around This World: Africa (Musical Map) Image Map


More than 40 international and internationally-minded musicians worked closely with Jay and Amon to record All Around This World: Africa. Click the name on the liner notes below, which accompany the physical release of the CD, to hear the musician’s work on one of the tracks.

Alex Shaw -- Alidu -- Alsarah -- Eddie Warley -- Fatu Gayflor -- Francois Nnang -- Gina Ferrera -- Habte Awalom -- Jannipher Nagudi -- Jay Sand -- Kofo Marie Nyenabo -- Marlon Saunders -- Missia Saran Diabate -- Mona Kayhan -- Mona Kayhan -- Moses Sebagabo -- Razia Said -- Sametta Tupee Morris -- Selloane -- Abdoulaye Diabate -- Alex Gittleman -- Alex Shaw -- Alex Shaw -- Amir El Saffar -- Chuck Joseph -- Dafer Tawil -- David Palan -- David Rajaonary -- Elias Sarkar -- Ernest Stuart -- Ethan White -- George Ziadah -- Gina Ferrera -- Ira Bond -- JKriv -- Joe Tayoun -- Jon Natchez -- Kane Mathis -- Kofo Luigi Mazzocchi -- Patricio Acevedo -- Rami El Asser -- Rich Robinson -- Roger Mgrdichian -- William Tayoun -- Sean Dixon -- Image Map

What are people saying about All Around This World: Africa:

“A joyous way to experience and learn about other nations and peoples, All Around This World: Africa is highly recommended!”
— Children’s Bookwatch

“Packed with a variety of different sounds…. different from what we usually listen to, and a great addition to our music library!”
A Nation of Moms

A fantastic introduction to the vibrant sounds and rhythms of different music from various regions in Africa and you would be hard pressed to find something on this album that doesn’t get your soul dancing.

— Totally Full of It

“There’s nothing that gets your blood racing and your spirits soaring then tribal drum beats, catchy rhythms, and clapping hands.”
— MrJeff2000 blog

“Breaks new ground in global education… Immerse your kids in awesome, multicultural melodies today.”

Washington Parent

Also included in the CD liner notes: Lyrics, Production Credits and other goodies: (click to enlarge):

All Around This World--Africa CD insert lyricsAATW--Africa CD physical release artwork_Page_10AATW--Africa CD physical release artwork_Page_12

RELEASE DATE: June, 2015

AATW--Africa recording (Amon Drum)CO-PRODUCER: The co-producer of the AATW Africa CD is Amon Drum, whose Hook Studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn, describes itself as, “Purveyors of fine sound from Brooklyn to Bamako and Beyond.” Amon is so utterly talented on so many fronts–as a producer, as an engineer, as a percussionist himself, and as an organizer of such impossible projects such as this–that to even try to provide the praise he deserves would be inadequate.

Amon’s recent writing and production work with the Brooklyn-based international/African fusion collective, Analog Players Society, is a case in point; the tracks are nothing short of infectious . . . in a good way! Don’t believe it? Check out Analog Players Society’s most recent full release, “Hurricane Season in Brooklyn”:

Don’t believe yourself? Listen to this glowing review of “Hurricane Season in Brooklyn” by music critic Milo Miloes on NPR’s “Fresh Air.” Then, read more about Amon in the Drum Magazine feature on him, “Amon: Fela meets The Skatalites in Brooklyn”.

CO-PRODUCER: Jay Sand, Founder and Lead Teacher of All Around This World (About Jay and All Around This World)


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