20. Arroro Mi Niño

An all Around This World classroom and homeschool lesson about Argentina -- "Arroro Mi Nino" -- A Spanish lullaby A variation on a Spanish lullaby that is common throughout Latin America. Originally a different version of Arroro was going to appear on the All Around This World: Latin America CD, but when vocalist Sofia Rei came in to record she mentioned that her mother used to sing a different version of this lullaby to her when she was a baby. All Around This World decided to change melodies in mid stream, and Sofia recorded the song she learned when she was a child.

Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Genre on CD: Lullaby


Arroro mi niño, arroro mi sol
Arroro pedazo de mi corazon

Go to sleep my child, go to sleep my love
Go to sleep my child, go to sleep my love

Watch Sofia Rei, who sings Arroro Mi Niño on our CD, perform in 2012

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Vocals: Sofia Rei

Recorded at Headgear Recording, Brooklyn, New York

"Arroro mi Niño" is traditional. Arrangement by Jay Sand and Sofia Rei.

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