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10. Un Barco Chiquitito

An All Around This World classroom and homeschool lesson from South America -- "Un Barco Chiquitito" -- Spanish song about a boat

“Barco chiquitito” is a Spanish song about a boat — a fantastic little boat, in our opinion. There are several versions of this song, but in the most widely sung, there is a little boat that can’t set sail for seven weeks, during which time provisions start to run out. In one translation, crew members get so hungry they eat their boots “with red sauce and a walnut,” get very sick and have to turn back. While our version is still a Spanish song about a boat, we not only let the ship sail, but say that it’s unable to stop sailing, then we also sing about an airplane that can’t stop flying, and, in class, we go through other modes of transport and say they can’t stop going either (a car, a bicycle, a pogo stick….).

Country: (many)

Language: Spanish
Genre on CD: Cuban salsa

Instruments on CD: Bass, Congas, Drum kit, Piano, Timbales, Trombone, TrumpetLYRICS OF ALL AROUND THIS WORLD VERSION

Habia una vez un barco chiquitito
Habia una vez un barco chiquitito
Habia una vez un barco chiquitito
Que no podia, no podia, no podia parar.

Once upon a time there was a little boat
Once upon a time there was a little boat
Once upon a time there was a little boat
And it could, and it could, and it could not stop.

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Vocals: Tony Perez
Bass: Rob Hagopian
Piano/Keyboard: John Stengel
Trombone: James Negron

Trumpet: Nelson Miranda
Drums/percussion: Francois Zayas
Percussion: Arturo Stable

Drums, keyboard and bass engineered and co-produced by Mark Wolfe at Audio Mind.

Vocals and horns engineered by Erich Miller

Original is "Un Barco Chiquitito" © Alpha Film Music on behalf of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, translation and arrangement by Jay Sand with permission, Instrumental arrangement by Arturo Stable
Listen to an original version performed by Octavio Corvalan on the Smithsonian Folkways release, "Vamos a Cantar: Let Us Sing: A Collection of Children's Songs in Spanish."

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