Hello Hello Neh Neh Neh Neh

LANGUAGE: Assamese

“Hello Neh Neh” is song sung by Adi/Abor people in Assam, an original version of which we first heard on the Smithsonian Folkways recording, “Songs of Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and the Andamans.” (Listed as “Abor No. 5.”) The album’s liner notes explain “this song can be sung on all occasions” and translates it as “Up on the hills there are is a marshy place where all the birds come down to drink water. There are also special kinds of trees the fruit of which is sweet and flocks of birds come in order to eat the fruits of those trees….” The singers list birds and trees that are believed to be significant when they appear in the dreams of Adi people.

We use this song in class to welcome kids to the wonderful region of Assam quite conceptually, by surprising them with tickles.

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