23. Goodbye (Adios!)

When All Around This World classes visit Latin America we use our beloved “We Are Happy” as our Spanish goodbye song. SEE YA!

Country: Uganda (original)/Dominican Republic
Language: originally Luganda
Genre on CD: Merengue
Instruments on CD: Piano, Trombone, Trumpet


We say goodbye, but we’re not sad,
because of all the fun we had
We are happy, we are happy on this day

¡Adios everybody! (“Goodbye” in Spanish),
Tchau everybody! (“Goodbye” in Portuguese),
Ayo everybody! (“Goodbye” in Garifuna),
[A-wa-lyah] everybody! (“I’m leaving” in Quechua)

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VocaLs: Jay Sand

Piano/Keyboard: John Stengel

Drums/percussion: Francois Zayas

Engineering and co-production of drums, keyboard and bass by Mark Wolfe, AudoMind, Philadelphia

Vocals engineered by Erich Miller, Philadelphia

You can listen to the original verson of "We Are Happy" on the Smithsonian Folkways release, Abayudaya: Music from the Jewish People of Uganda.
"We Are Happy" and "Hello" © Gershom Sizomu and J.J. Keki, arrangement by Jay Sand with permission, Instrumental arrangement by Arturo Stable

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