All Around This World’s parent/child classes and the AATW school curriculum provide an online education for kids that introduces them and their families to world music and cultures through experience, engagement and enjoyment.

Jay Sand teaching an All Around This World class

Each “season” (approximately three months of classes) the All Around This World curriculum focuses on a different region of the world and AATW families “visit” that region, taking a week by week musical tour. Each week we “travel” to a new country, focusing that week on the country’s particular forms of music, dance and celebrating with an eye toward learning through those things about the people who live there.

Take your family on a tour of the world, All Around This World-style: 

Latin America | Africa | South and Central Asia | The Caribbean | Eastern Europe and the Baltics | East and Southeast Asia | West Asia and the Middle East | Oceania and the Pacific Islands | Western Europe and the Nordic Countries | The U.S. and Canada | Everything is a Drum | Connecting the Dots
All Around This World Global "Everywhere Map"

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