Click here to learn how to take class online with Jay[wpspoiler name=”Opa performs Botija de mi Pais (they’re probably not so red in real life)” open=”true” style=”aatw-video”][/wpspoiler] Uruguayan music finds its inspiration in the nation’s history — a Native American population mixing with Spanish conquistadors who brought African unwillingly along for the ride.  European and African influences are intertwined in most Uruguayan popular music, which readily blends musical genres and styles, such as the tango, the milonga — pre-tango dance music — and the murga. a Carnival-time form of Uruguayan costumed musical theater.  Uruguay’s most profound African-Latin blend is “candombe,” a form of music brought by African (Bantu) slaves in the 18th and
19th centuries.

More information:  Wikipedia’s overview of Uruguayan music | A great history of candombe from Candombe.com| A milonga dance on YouTube | A great Uruguayan murga | True, this is not from Uruguay, but…amazing murga dancing from Argentina’s carnival

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