There are several hundred languages spoken in India, 29 of which are spoken by over a million people, 122 by more than 10,000 people, at least as of the 2001 census. That’s a whole lot of people saying a whole lot of things!

On the AATW South and Central Asia CD you’ll hear n songs in six Indian languages.

— Assamese: “All the Kids in the House,” “Hello Neh Neh.”

— Hindi: “Diwali Aayee,” “Baar Baar/Happy Birthday,” “Pahan Chunariya.”

— Kannada: “Chukke Hakki,” “Pickle Song.”

— Konkani: “Naanu Batheen Jaathrege,” “Ut Re Moora.”

— Tamil: “Tamil Folk Song (Woo!).”

— Telugu: “Chandamama.”

In class we sing “Namasté” as both our hello and goodbye. Namasté is a Hindi salutation, which comes from the Sanskrit “namas,” which means “to bow,” and “te,” which means “to you.”

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