Lesson 2: Australia

We’re going to start our tour of Oceania and the Pacific Islands in Australia, a country with a unique and consciously self-cultivated national persona as fun-loving, hard-living and fundamentally independent.

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HISTORY: “Depending on your personal definition of what defines “a nation,” Australia is either one of the newest nations in the world or one of the oldest….”

MUSIC: “Aborigines started making music in the land we now know as Australia tens of thousands of years ago–that’s way before Olivia Newton-John….”

LANGUAGES: “Before any immigrants arrived–Europeans or otherwise–the Aboriginal people who already lived on what we now know as the Australian continent spoke about 250 different languages….”

WHEN YOU GO THERE: “So you’re considering traveling to Australia…. Got a while? A major distinguishing feature of Australia is the fact that it’s just so darned far away from the U.S., Europe, or pretty much anywhere else….”

WALKABOUT: We go on an epic journey of self-discovery without leaving the room.

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