This week All Around This World is going to explore a genre known to many, because of its unique relevance to our times, its substantial depth of purpose and its reliance on a performer’s virtuosity to provide a means of expression, as “America’s classical music”–JAZZ! Jazz is a multifaceted art form that has so many nuances, so many nooks and crannies, so many ways a music fan can possibly get in and enjoy all it has to offer…and yet so many potentially intimidating elements that could keep a music fan out. Sure, jazz can be complicated to the point of seeming nonsensical–like the most abstract of abstract visual art, sometimes you can only ask “why?”–but for the most part jazz is a genre whose success relies substantially on whether or not the performer or his or her band have connected with the audience. Would a Dixieland band be satisfied if audience members weren’t tapping their toes? What kind of big band would a big band be if it couldn’t make everyone in the audience dance?



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