Lesson 9: St. Lucia

This week in music class we travel, in virtual terms, to St. Lucia, which sounds like a lovely place to be.

OVERVIEW: St. Lucia is an island with an impressively mixed Arawak/Carib/African/French/British past.

MUSIC: St Lucian music mixes African influences with French (and sometimes British) song forms.

LANGUAGE: In St. Lucia you should be able to get by speaking English but if you really want to be cool, learn Antillean Creole.

WHEN YOU GO THERE: Enjoy the sand and sun to be sure, but also appreciate the many cultures that have made the islands great.


A yearly St. Lucian  festival that celebrates the island’s “Creole” mix of cultures.

Explore these musical genres from St. Lucia

[mappress mapid=”16″ center=”13.9, -60.9″ zoom=”10″]

Explore these instruments from St. Lucia:

[mappress mapid=”17″ center=”13.9, -60.9″ zoom=”10″]


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