St. Lucia–Jounen Kweyol

Jounen Kweyol is a Lucian festival that celebrates the island’s multicultural Creole heritage that mixes British, French, African and Caribbean influences. At the festival, which takes place every year on the last Sunday of October, you’ll see, according (now offline) “men displaying how they used to saw wood, the making of Creole bread using wood to heat the oven, making of cassava bread, bakes and fish cakes made out of Cray fish, the making of certain tantalizing dishes that were prepared long ago that has lost its popularity in recent times; crab callaloo, pemie, roasted sardines eaten with breadfruit, and more.” At that time of year Lucians wear madras, the national form of dress, and you’ll hear them speaking the local French-based Creole language.

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In class we’ll celebrate Jounen Kweyol with Lucian music and dance, though we may or may not saw wood.

More information:
About Jounen Kweyol | Video of Jounen Kweyol showing bread baking, wood carving and fish roasting

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