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All Around This World’s energizing sing-along, dance-along “Scattered Among the Nations” Jewish music program introduces you to the world through experience, engagement and FUN.

** SPECIAL: YOUR SYNAGOGUE, JCC, SUMMER CAMP, ETC. CAN BOOK JAY FOR A FAMILY-FRIENDLY JEWISH MUSIC PROGRAM, SOLO CONCERT, INTERACTIVE MUSIC CLASS OR PARTICIPATORY WORKSHOP DURING HIS SUMMER 2018 TOUR. This summer Jay will be touring from the northernmost headwaters of the Mississippi all the way south to New Orleans, playing shows in Vermont, Toronto and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on the way west from Philadelphia and booking concerts in Tennessee on the way back **

See photos and videos from the “Sands Across America” summer tour, 2016.


Jay Sand of the award-winning All Around This World global music and cultures program for little kids and their grown-ups is now available for bookings, large and small, and is eager to sing multicultural Jewish songs with people, large and small, nationwide.

Jay teaching an All Around This World class -- Book a Jewish Music Program Jay can bring energizing, participatory, family-friendly international Jewish music program to kids. As heard on Kids Corner, the Hilltown Family Variety Show and Imagination Parade, beloved by all (or at least these people), Jay is a performer and educator who has traveled the world with his guitar, using music to introduce kids the world by teaching thousands of multicultural music classes, family-friendly concerts a substantial variety of multi-generational cultural workshops.

“All Around This World: Scattered Among the Nations” is an interactive music presentation for little kids and their grown-ups that features “Jewish” music from five continents. Sing, dance and play with your kids as you explore an amazingly multicultural world.

Usually All Around This World classes focus on a geographic region of the world but in his “Scattered Among the Nations” presentation Jay will take you and your children on a worldwide tour, exploring the exciting global diversity of Jewish people and from Africa to Europe,  Latin America to South and Central Asia to the Middle East. 

Cohen Makuwaza

Over the last two decades Jay has traveled around the globe, recording and performing music with children of all ages. While in Africa he connected musically with several communities of African Jews like the Sefwi House of Israel in Ghana and the Abayudaya of Uganda and has since shared their music with Jewish organizations around America through his multimedia “Jews of Africa€” presentations.

lemba3Jay’s “Scattered Among the Nations” Jewish music program expands this Jewish music exploration to include songs from Jewish communities that are scattered over several continents, exploring “Jewish” culture and history with grown-ups while sharing diverse, developmentally appropriate hands-on music with little kids. Together we’ll sing, dance, and learn so much without even knowing we’re learning!

While All Around This World: Scattered Among the Nations uses music Jewish people sing in their communities as a way for you and your children to take a global tour you don’t have to be Jewish to  enjoy it — all families are welcome. The class isn’t “religious,” doesn’t assume any knowledge of Jewish history or culture, and doesn’t favor or promote any one Jewish denomination or way of life.

Scattered Among the Nations book photoTo learn more about “scattered” Jewish communities, visit Scattered Among the Nations (, a non-profit organization that will help introduce you and your own community to them. Jay also contributed photographs and two chapters to Scattered Among the Nations: Photographs and Stories of the World’s Most Isolated Jewish Communities published December 8, 2015, by Weldon Owen.


For more information about the program e-mail Jay at

jay or call him at 215-913-2679.

About the videos:

— “Taralilalalai” is a song of Bukharan origin, in the country now known as Uzbekistan. Over the course of more more than two millennia of Bukharan history the region was at the cultural crossroads of merchants from Central and Eastern Asia, particularly Uzbeks, Tajiks and Persians. Jews and and Muslims mingled freely and made music together. Today much surviving Bukharan music, like “Sozandas” such as “Taralilalalai,” appears in the repertoire of Jewish musicians who perform an Uzbek and Tajik genre known as Shashmaqam.

— “We Are Happy” is the song the Abayudaya (Jewish) community of Uganda sings to greet visitors. We sing “We Are Happy” to start every All Around This World class.

All Around This World in Oakland -- Book a Jewish music program

At a Scattered Among the Nations program at Temple Beth Abraham in Oakland, Summer 2016

All Around This World in Chicago -- Book a Jewish music program All Around This World in Chicago -- Book a Jewish music program All Around This World in Chicago -- Book a Jewish music program All Around This World in Chicago -- Book a Jewish music program

At a Scattered Among the Nations program at Junior Gan Day Camp, Skokie, IL, summer 2016

 Learn about some of the songs we may sing:

AATW--SAN song info -- Ale Brider_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Attah Magenu_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Avre Esta Abajour_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Ay Di Di Di Dai_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Ayymah Hameshi_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Az de Rebbe_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- The Bear Missed the Train_page_001 AATW--SAN song info -- Bihateetu_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Bulbus_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Eli Eli_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Fuerame a Banar_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Hija Mia_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Kad Ja Podjoh_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Mayim_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Mwari_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- No Pasesh Por La Mi Pwerta_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Taralilalalai_page_001  AATW--SAN song info -- Tulo Tulo_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Tzur Manoti_page_001 AATW--SAN song info -- We Are Happy_page_001

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