The Caribbean

All Around This World’s Caribbean songs for kids introduce your family to so many cultures through interactive fun . . .

All Around This World’s Caribbean season of songs celebrates global music in all its joyful, rhythmic and multi-cultural glory, featuring songs about love and rum-running and goats, a Haitian tune about a frog one-upping a horse, a beautiful Bhojpuri lullaby and dance grooves from Puerto Rican plena to Jamaican ska.

Curious about  All Around This World’s Caribbean songs? Keep reading. To learn about the countries and many Caribbean genres of music All Around This World classes explore, click here.

All Around This World Caribbean "Everywhere Map" -- Caribbean songs for kids

The All Around This World: Caribbean CDs are in the works! Recording has started, and while we can’t confidently predict a release date, we can predict, with confidence that there will be one.

There is so much great music in the Caribbean that we know we’ll never be able to shove it all onto one compact disc. We’ve decided to split the songs onto two, one featuring Caribbean for kids from parts of the region that receive substantial and cultural influence from interaction with the Spanish and French (like Cuba, Puerto Rico and Haiti), the other collecting our songs from the Caribbean nations that have been intertwined with the British and Dutch, such as Jamaica and Trinidad.

Meet All Around This World’s Caribbean songs for kids:
Aguacero, Aguacerito | Angelique O | Ay Zuzuma | Bailala | Bellamina | Bo Calinda | Crapeaud Tingele | Good Morning | Jhulo Jhulo | Limbo Teacher | Loi Loo | M’sieu Michel | Mento Star | Nyabinghi | Petit Oiseau | Pico y Pala | Ragba E | Ragga Ragga | Raisin De | Rule Sonda | Train to Skaville | Tree Fall Down

Arturo StablePRODUCER: Afro-Cuban percussionist and composer Arturo Stable, who produced of All Around This World: Latin America, will return as musical mind behind the realization of All Around This World’s Caribbean project. Born and raised in Cuba, trained deeply in Cuban musical styles and then educated further in Latin and international music in Mexico and at the Berklee College of Music, Arturo as become one of the Americas’ most respected Afro-Cuban percussionists and performers. Arturo has toured internationally with his music, releasing his own CDs of Latin Jazz and playing with stars of the genre in Jazz festivals worldwide. Arturo is currently the Chair of the Hand Percussion Department at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, thankfully keeping him in the States long enough to be able to collaborate with All Around This World to record Latin American and Caribbean songs for kids. Learn more about Arturo. Meet Arturo and his Quartet.

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