Ghana Guinea Mali

On the surface this classic E.T. Mensah highlife tune sounds like little more than a happy African song in tune with the optimism of the early 1960s when Pan-Africanist African leaders Kwame Nkruma of Ghana, Guinea’s Sékou Touré and Mali’s Modibo Keita formed the Union of African States. With the hindsight of history we know better…the union fell apart in 1962 when Guinea started to reach out to the United States for support, contrary to the Soviet inclinations of the other two.

Country: Ghana
Language: English
Genre: Highlife

E.T. Mensah’s wonderful Ghana Guinea Mali


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Engineering: Amon, Studio Brooklyn, New York and Alidu, Los Angeles


  • Alidu (Ghana, Vocals)
  • Jon Natchez (U.S., Horns)
  • Mark Tewarson (U.S., Guitar)
  • Amon (U.S., percussion)

© 1991 Retro Afric

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