Poong Paang

Country: Thailand
Language: Thai

“Poong Paang” is a chant that accompanies a traditional Thai children’s game involving blindfolding a kid in the center of a circle and having him/her try to identify the children who are around the circle by asking them questions. A poong paang is several foot long stick that stands in water and is a place for fishermen to secure nets so they can catch fish. Children in this game are referencing the poong paang which stands unaware in the middle of a waterway while all the little fish swim around it trying to avoid being caught.

This chant appears in the Patricia Sheehan Canpbell co-authored”From Bangkok and Beyond: Thai Children’s Songs, Games and Customs.”

Lyrics of original and All Around This World’s version

Poong paang oey,
poong paang taa baud
Plaa khao laud,
ta baud poong pang.

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