Yo Yo Kilili

A Nubian-language North African wedding song popularized by Ali Hassan Kuban. The original translation encourages women to ululate with joy during the celebration. Nubian weddings are several week affairs–seven to fifteen days before the wedding and a week after it–involving lots and lots of singing and dancing. (learn here about Nubian weddings)

Country: Egypt
Language: Nubian
Genre: Nubian


Let National Geographic introduce you to Nubian weddings

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Engineering: Amon, Studio Brooklyn, New York


  • Amir ElSaffar (U.S., Trumpet)
  • Alsarah (U.S./Egypt/Nubia, Vocals)
  • Dafer Tawil (Qanoon/Violin)
  • George Ziadeh (Palastine, Oud)
  • Rami El Asser (U.S., North African/Arabic percussion)

Yoyo Kilil-Annissa Klili” Written by Ali Hassan Ahmed Copyright (c) 2001 Pirahna Musik (GEMA) and Martin Riedel Musik Verlag (GEMA) Administered by Buddie Music, Inc. (ASCAP)


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